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3D render of Curiosity rover

Render made using Blender's internal rendering engine, with freestyle stroke rendering and node compositing.

Full-size image

JPL open house

I had the privilege today and yesterday of explaining to a bunch of over-excited kids what we do at JPL with our millions of dollars worth of toys.

Surface reconstruction using Wasserstein metric

2015 summer internship (team Inria TITANE) - Surface reconstruction using Wasserstein distance

I did a two months summer internship in Inria's TITANE team (Sophia-Antipolis, supervised by Pierre Alliez and David Cohen-Steiner) where I researched robust surface reconstruction from point samples using the Wasserstein distance (also known as earth-mover distance) as an error metric.

The report is available here : Presentation (EN) , Report (EN)

Exploring Kademlia's DHT

We made this project for my network programming class. See the final report!

SVG Image , report

TIPE - Markov chains and queuing theory

2014 school research project (Markov chains and queues)

I made this project with Dimitri and Thomas, as a part of competitive examination for entry in engineering schools in France. It is an algebraic study of the convergence properties of discrete finite-state Markovian queues, with an explicit bound on the convergence speed.

Report (FR)