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IT and hardware hacking
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I have developped a few fun programs in the past few years. They are all available here.

Unless otherwise noted, these programs are distributed under the WTFPL.

Orbit simulator

Orbit is a small orbital simulator made in BlitzPlus. It originated as a research project on Lagrangian points in the {Earth, Moon} system.

The simulation starts un-paused but at a very slow speed. If you want to see something, hit "," (QWERTY) or ";" (AZERTY) a few times. The earth is in the center, the moon at the right. Five lightweight objects are placed near each of the five Lagrangian points.

Download Orbit


I made this as a quick and fun project in 2014. It is coded in BlitzPlus and has a very minimal interface. It is a 2D rocket simulation game that features multiple stages, attitude control, an atmospheric model and time warping.

Controls (as in KSP) : Q and D for attitude, space to switch to the next stage, shift/control for throttle control, M/comma for time warp, T for automatic stabilization.

Download (.exe)

Tank Fortress game

Yet another piece of software that was developped in "prépa" ! This game was developped by Corentin Pane, who authorized me to publish it here.

Download (11MB)

MaTron game

Simple game of TRON, with a special blind mode in which the trails don't appear !
Points are shown at the bottom of the screen, and controls are WASD and arrow keys.

Free download (Windows executable, 3.1 MB) : click here