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My movies list

A few weeks ago, I had to input a long list of movies (about 300 of them), and I wanted an organized database. I didn't want to lookup each movie one by one on imdb to figure out their title, so I made my own little website, that you can now use too if you wish:

My movies list

Canal+ pas disponible dans votre pays

KSP rover

It's always a privilege doing what I love for a living. This past two months I've been on Curiosity's next-of-kin at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.

On a boring evening, I started to try making a working Curiosity rover in Kerbal Space Program. The main two challenges were the rocker-bogie suspension and its differential.

KSP rover

000webhost data breach

If you haven't read Troy Hunt's article on 000webhost's data breach, you should go ahead ! I found my e-mail address in the dump (I used it in 2012 to setup a test accont - luckily with a dummy password). TL;DR : They send passwords over GET requests (obvoiusly not over SSL), and their (plaintext) password database was stolen and sold during six months before the breach was made public.

000webhost's story is the best example I have seen so far of gross disregard for security and privacy. I thought every web developper had a basic understanding of these concepts by now, but apparenly not. 13 million plaintext email-password combinaisons were stoken, and the dump apparently costs arount $2000 - giving you an idea of the value of such information !

My thoughts on BlitzPlus

BlitzPlus is a programming language and IDE. It was my first programming language. When I was around eleven years old, a friend of my parents gave me my first programming book : Game Programming for Teens. Today, I have moved on to more powerful languages such as C++ and Java, but I still occasionally use BlitzPlus for smaller projects such as small games or simulations for my studies. It is a really simple language, and I feel very comfortable using it.

Of course, you won't get all the power of a good old C program, but people have made small wonders with it and it is more powerful than it looks. Blitz have since made other languages, such as BlitzMax and Blitz3D. I have experimented a bit with Blitz3D, but as far as 3D goes, I'm still more comfortable with an object-oriented approach, and although I haven't had a good look at BlitzMax, it seems like a powerful language, object-oriented and capable of interfacing with C++.

Pentesting WEP networks

This is a pretty old technique, often cited to demonstrate flaws in once-commonly-used security schemes.


Small software I designed in 2013 to help manage a Badminton tournament.

Enter the number of players in the tournament, their names, and then the software will indicate the current leaderboard, and the encounters that should be played. Enter the result of an encounter that the software indicates, and the leaderboard and encounter list will be updated instantly.

I know the user interface is pretty horrible, it was coded in a day using BlitzPlus, at a time when I had more pressing things to do than coding (namely, a French "prépa")

Download Windows executable (800kB)