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I had the privilege today and yesterday of explaining to a bunch of over-excited kids what we do at JPL with our millions of dollars worth of toys.

Highlights of my day:

  • Many people from SpaceX coming to talk and share with us;
  • People who ask how they can help JPL to continue explore space;
  • Kid stares blankly at me for about 30 seconds, then leaves, then comes back running 5 minutes later: "I REMEMBERED MY QUESTION!";
  • Two kids ask dozens questions on everything, than I bring them one of Curiosity's test wheels, and see one of them literally jumping up and down of excitement;
  • Kid asks questions about every single hole on the wheels of the rover, the numbering pattern we use for inventory, the color of the wheels, the temperature on Mars, the pressure, the color of the dust;
  • Talking with many other JPL engineers who all have something to teach me.


Funny questions:

  • "Do these rocks come from Mars?" (no they don't, we wouldn't be driving on them if they did)
  • "Have these wheels been to Mars?" (nope, this wouldn't be our first choice)
  • "Can we send another rover to Mars to change Curiosity's wheels ?" (...)
This was an awesome day.
A few pictures: